Elevation of Insight


The Prologue

Growing up through the boundless skies of insight’s flight,

The soul unfurls its wisdom, in love’s eternal light.


The Poem

Time’s tableau, where mortal steps have tread,

Amidst the ebbing years, a query looms ahead.

When shall intellect ascend, on wisdom’s soaring wing?

To shun the snares that cling to spirits, vile, limiting.


Growing up, ascend, oh human mind, to your destined height,

Unburdened by ignorance, embrace truth’s radiant light.

Abandon ego’s throne, renounce the crown of pride,

For in humility’s embrace, true wisdom shall reside.


Expunge all hate and greed, let venomous seeds disperse,

Where kindness reigns supreme, let malice find no curse.

Liberty from desire, where lust’s enchantments wane,

In purity of heart and thought, ascends the soul’s terrain.


No orthodox grip shall shackle, thoughts that seek ascent,

In field of open intellect, true growth finds its extent.

Amidst the world’s polluted haze, minds emerge serene,

Growing up in nature’s embrace, their wisdom’s brilliance glean.


Love, the beacon guiding all, compassion’s sacred creed,

As peace extends its olive branch, and humbleness takes lead.

Thus satire, keen and clear, pierces through each soul,

Igniting hearts to seek a goal, of intellect grown whole.


The Epilogue

Amidst the journey of intellect’s ascent, we find our souls glowing,

Forever embracing wisdom’s grace, as we keep on growing up.




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