Conundrums of Being

Mystery of life reflected through verses, depicting the human journey entwined with uncertainty and wonder. The poem “Conundrums of Being” captures the essence of intricate human quest, echoing the enigmatic puzzle of life.

Lost in a maze, perplexed we tread,

Each step a question, in life’s book unread.

A puzzle intricate, vast and unknown,

Paths intertwining, like seeds freshly sown.


Through shadows we wander, seeking the light,

Chasing illusions, like stars in the night.

Yet the riddle remains, a dance in the mist,

As dreams and desires in our hearts persist.


We clutch at the edges of wisdom’s cloak,

While life’s enigmas in the distance evoke,

A world of uncertainties, secrets concealed,

And the depths of human soul yet unsealed.


Life weaves its mosaic, enigmas unfold with artistry,

In every thread of complexity, a journey’s poetry,

We’re mere travelers in this grand design,

The puzzle of life, a mystery divine.



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