Bitter Love’s Lament

A world of verdant whispers, behold,
The bitter gourd, a tale yet untold.
Entwined in human bonds, bittersweet,
Where hearts converge, emotions greet.

Resilient tendrils, enigmatic vine,
Ensnaring souls, a twisted design.
Within its grasp, love’s tendrils thrive,
Yet pain seeps deep, where shadows dive.

Their semblance masks the depths within,
Volatile seeds of yearning, hidden sin.
Frustration blooms, a venomous thorn,
Revealing truths that love has torn.

With trepidation, souls intertwine,
In webs of passion, sweet and malign.
Savor the taste of love’s acrid chime,
For only through bitterness, hearts can climb.

Embrace the bittersweet, dear friend,
In love’s dichotomy, our souls transcend.
For within the gourd, wisdom resides,
Unveiling truths where love presides.

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