Arise Among Ashes

Experience an impressive and soul-stirring saga, skillfully portraying the emotional journey of a child amidst war-ravaged ruins, holding onto a doll as a symbol of innocence and hope. It captures tears of sorrow and blossoms of hope, leaving hearts stirred and inspired.


Doll clutched in hand, a child’s heartache disclosed,

In ashen ruins, war’s cruel mark unveiled,

Gaunt and trembling, their innocence composed,

Tear-streaked face speaks of trials they’ve curtailed.


Amid desolation, nature’s core weeps,

A dewdrop falls, quenching parched earth below,

Rejuvenation, hope’s promise it keeps,

An offering of solace, love bestows.


Through darkest hours, a ray of light appears,

In ghastly skies, a glimmer, a faint scope,

From sorrow’s grasp, a budding hope adheres,

Amidst despair, they find hope’s lasting trope.


With courage, the child learns to cope,

Finding hope, through love, they rise and elope.



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