A Mother’s Voyage to Solace

Mother, in untamed kingdom of dreams,
Where thoughts soar on ethereal streams,
A yearning beckons from depths untold,
For tranquil havens where solace unfolds.

Amidst the web of ceaseless care,
She craves respite from burdens she bears.
To distant spheres, her spirit takes flight,
Where azure waves caress with gentle might.

Unshackled from her earthly role,
She embarks on journeys of the soul,
Secure in the embrace of kinship’s grace,
She ventures forth with courage to chase.

Let the hues of possibility must unfold
In kaleidoscopic tales that make her world.
For in her quiet, sacred space,
A cosmos of reverie takes place.

Oh, let her breathe, her spirit ignite,
In boundless dimensions, bathed in light.
Embracing the art of self-soothing divine,
In these mind vacations, her heart will align.

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