A Mother’s Flight

In dreams unchained, a mother’s soul takes flight,

Where thoughts soar free, on currents of the night.

A yearning stirs within, from depths unknown,

For havens calm, where solace is her own.


Amidst the web of ceaseless care she weaves,

Her heart yearns for respite, a soul that grieves.

To distant realms, her spirit finds release,

As cerulean waves offer gentle peace.


Unbound from earthly roles, she boldly roams,

On journeys, her essence finds its truest homes.

Let kaleidoscopic tales of hope unfurl,

In sacred spaces where dreams softly swirl.


Oh, let her breathe, her spirit set alight,

In boundless dimensions, bathed in radiant light.

Embracing self-soothing art with love entwined,

These mind vacations grant solace unconfined.

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