A Mom’s Sunday Saga

In the chaos of motherhood, love’s unwavering strength shines. A Mom’s Sunday Saga embodies resilience, patience, and endless devotion—a powerful ode to the boundless force of a mother’s heart.

Fun on Sunday, said with a hint of jesting glee,

Yet for a mom with babe, it’s naught but fray,

Her tender heart tugs, love’s sweet guarantee,

Through chaos of a one-year-old at play.


Feeding and cleaning, tantrums wild and free,

Her days a whirlwind, duties never cease,

Cooking, laundry, tasks in symphony,

A ceaseless dance, no respite, no release.


Though Sunday dawns, her husband stays in sight,

Requests abound, “Cook this!” and “Cook that, my dear!”

She walks a tightrope, deftly strong, despite,

A mother’s love, a force that knows no fear.


Her heart, a fortress, patient and replete,

A Sunday for a mom, both bittersweet.





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