Rosy Petals of the Wishing Tree

Sail in the ship of nature’s wonder with ‘Rosy Petals of the Wishing Tree’, a humble rose’s yearning to became a luminous tree. It teaches us that dreams, when shared with the heart’s purity, find their way into reality’s loving cradle.

(A Story Poem in Collaboration)
Glory Glory (India)
Fibby Bob Kinney (USA)
A very long time ago, when the world was young and full of green life. There lived a tiny rose. She lived with her family upon a beautiful rose bush in the middle of a huge dense forest. Ever since she was a little flower the rose would wake up each morning and look in awe at the majesty of the great trees of the forest. She so desired deep in her heart that she could grow into a beautiful tree. She would love to feel the branches and leaves upon her body. Yes, her petals were soft and sweetly scented, still, she longed for the majesty of the presence of a tree. So one day, she dipped one of her thorns in the green bush she was bound upon and wrote a poem to the trees; wishing she could be one of them. A breeze carried the poem written upon the green leaf and it landed right upon a tall tree in the forest.

The great tree looked at the poem in surprise and then read it aloud to all the trees in the sunlit forest. It read:

“Chlorophyll dances in the emerald light,
A yearning blooms, reaching for greater height.
In the forest’s heart, a transformation nears,
From fragile bud to the arboreal spheres.
Whispering leaves, secrets of life they share,
I am reborn, in the cool forest air,
As a tree, my soul finds its destined flight.”

The trees in the forest were shocked to hear a beautiful poem written by a flower. A rose that grew on a bush right in their midst. The forest was full of flowers. Daffodils that swayed by the babbling brook. A field of daisies that grew upon the hill that led to the mountain. Wild flowers everywhere and always dancing in the cool wind that filled the forest with its soft breeze. This was the only rose bush in the whole forest. It was as if the angels had put it there for a purpose. Yes, it was enchanted. The elves and the fairies that lived in the secret cave at the mouth of the mountain had a gathering there and they left this rose bush as a gift to the forest. That little rose had magical powers in it. She was Nature’s child. The large oak tree that grew near the rose bush spoke softly to the rose. ‘We will let you become one of us if only you can make one more poem to let us know how happy it will make you to become a tree.” The little rose spread her petals and looked up to the heavenly sky and said, “I thank you dear angels for giving me my wish. I will write this poem to give to the trees and then become one of them.” With that said, the rose picked up a thorn from her vine and wrote this poem upon a green leaf. It read:

“Foliage cradles, my heart’s fervent plea,
Amongst your ancient arms, I long to be.
In sylvan concert, our spirits converge,
The forest’s secrets urge in hushed tones,
With roots enmeshed, our destinies align,
Celestial kinship, in the woodland divine,
Grant me the boon of your arboreal decree.”

The tiny rose spoke her poem aloud. There was a hush among the forest of trees. A great light ascended from the sky and bathed the rose bush in its shining glory. A magical transformation took place. The bush with the little flower grew upward from the ground. It became “The Wishing Tree” all the travelers that ventured into the forest after this day saw in its midst, a tree that glowed with a golden light. It was there to show that when one wishes for something with all their heart…the forest with all the stars in heaven will listen…and dreams can come true.
Photo: The Innocence of a Child’s Dream in a Vast Forest.

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